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The Karavan Familia, a unique family band formed by parents and their children in 2004, has created its own world in recent years in the wake of Gipsy vocal traditions. With their repertoire, they proved that Gipsy music is intelligent and witty, wise and inclusive. The source of their melodies is not a region or a Roma ethnic group, but the cultural and musical heritage of the Gypsies in Europe. In addition to the various, typical European Gipsy music styles, the atmosphere of Latin music, blues or pop music can be felt in their songs - all of which gave birth to world-music that has never been heard before. In addition to diversity, however, the Karavan Familia is able to retain its own style, which is both youthful and respectful of tradition, fun and lovable.

"With assured assimilation and resigned simplicity, the band have created something hazy and beautiful. This is certainly not traditional Hungarian music. It’s a contemporary, instantly recognisable and unique sound, influenced by a profound knowledge of tradition, but too personable and honestly individual to influence in turn." (John Pheby, fRoots Magazine, 2015)

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Árva lettem - the new video of the Karavan Família is available!

The third music video of Karaván Família was made by the crew of Dikh TV in 2022 for the song "Árva lettem" (Karaván Família: Kawalcade album, author's edition, 2017) The music video features István Babindák, Máté Kovács A.

Directed by Jenifer Subák, Máté A. Kovács
Cinematographer: Gergely Farkas
Edited by Róbert Deák

The second video clip of the Karavan Familia was made by the Dikh TV crew in 2021 for the song “Na ushtyav man! / Don't wake me up!”. (Karavan Familia: Varikanak album, Author's release, 2021)

The first video clip of the Karavan Familia was made in 2017 for the song “Khiromant”. (Karavan Familia: Kawalcade album, Author's release, 2017)
In addition to the friends of the Karavan Familia, the video clip features the dance artists of the Varidance company, the actor and slammer Kristóf Horváth “Színész Bob” and the graphic artist Ödön Gyügyi.

About the New Album - Varikanak (author's edition, 2021)

With this album the Karavan Familia turns to the roots of its own musical genre. The hungarian Gipsy folk music, which means the world of Gipsy folk songs, took the stage in the 1980s. In the initial period, most of the performers presenting the genre were both native informant and stage performer at the same time. Their repertoire included traditional Gipsy folk songs, arrangements and their own compositions that perfectly matched the style. Their attitude was characterized by a desire not to be successful but to be authentic. They wanted to play not fast but nicely. They didn’t aim to make a “good party”, but to show their values. They played what they considered true and beautiful. The Karavan Familia does the same.


15 April.
Gipsy Crossroads – a Karaván Familia tavaszköszöntő koncertje (Fonó Budai Zeneház) 20:00
(Funded by: NKA)


István - the Father

With a quality approach, respect for traditions
Lead the orchestra and his family.
(vocals, guitar)


Ica – the Mother

With great love and naturalness
Keep the family together.
(singing, dancing)


István – the Boy

With his youthful vigor and creativity
colouring the life of the band.
(vocals, bass guitar, cajon)


Vanda - the (smaller) Girl

With his special personality and youth
Adds the family orchestra.
(singing, dancing)

About us

The Karavan Familia is the only known family band whose sound is based on human and musical harmony between parents and their children. In recent years, they have created a new style with their songs, diversity and sophisticated taste, bringing a new colour to domestic and international world music life. Starting from the point of view of Gipsy folk music, they boldly use and combine different musical styles, which are made easy to accept.


Karavan Familia: Gipsy Crossroads (2006, author's edition)
Karavan Familia: La familijaki zor / The Power of the Family (2008, author's edition)
Karavan Familia: Asvin / Teardrop (2014, Spinner)
Karavan Familia: Kawalcade (2017, author's edition)
Karavan Familia: Varikanak / Sometime (2021, author's edition)

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Compilation albums:

Gypsyland – The Greatest Songs Ever (2006, Petrol)
BalkanBeats vol.2. (2006, Eastblok)
Ost Klub Kapitel 2 (2007, Chat Chapeau)
Rough Guide to the music of Hungarian Gypsies (2008, Rough Guide)
MR2 Acoustic Volume 1 (2009, MR2 Petőfi Radio)
World Music from Hungary 2010 (2010, Songlines)


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